Reducing stress with CBD Oil

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Permanent stress may cause damage to our health. Therefore, we want to give you more information about how CBD, especially CBD Oil Sensitiva from JUST BOB can help you as it is a 100% natural product and has only positive and healthy effects on our body.

Occasional stress is not necessary unhealthy – Stress can help us to keep awake, motivated and ready to avoid danger. It makes us moving quicker and more efficient. So in resume, getting stressed is basically an advantage and a normal reaction to any kind of change.

What is stress? And when it will be unhealthy?

There can be several factors causing stress. We distinguish two types of stress: physical stress (such as heat, cold, radiation, dust, mechanical influences) and psychological stress (e.g. excessive / insufficient demands for work, tight deadlines, trouble with colleagues or managers, loss of a loved one, problems in the partnership).

Generally, stress is a natural reaction of our body, which appears, as soon as you are confronted with a situation causing inner tension and pressure.

But prolonged periods of stress can cause significant impact on mental and physical health like restlessness, sleep disturbances and in the worth case depressions or a burnout. Stress that continues without relief can disturb the body’s internal balance and natural stress management like relaxing and falling into a healthy sleep could get more and more difficult.

Exhausting and overtiredness can lead us to a condition called distress – a negative stress reaction. While acute stress improves the body’s immune system, chronic stress does the opposite.

The mental pressure of not being able to do something or not having enough resources to face a difficult situation can become so strong, that finally it could result in a mental and physical overload. Other possible consequences are increased fatigue, depression and gastrointestinal disorders. Increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack can also be attributed to chronic stress load.

Many affected persons are looking for a mild remedy that helps us to find our inner balance of body and mind. Can CBD Oil help? The answer is definitely: YES, because CBD treats several symptoms and causes of stress and helps us to relax body and mind.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol and is one of 400 organic ingredients of the hemp plant. CBD is very beneficial for general well being, and does not have the psychotropic properties of THC. This means as well that CBD does not cause addiction and does not have any secondary effects.

Make sure to talk to your doctor, if the stress symptoms continue, if you are pregnant or if you are taking other medications.

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How CBD Oil can help?

Taking CBD Oil improves the quality of sleep, reduces restlessness and makes us pondering less, in consequence we are more relaxed. Furthermore, CBD Oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps us to find our inner balance of body and mind. Since CBD can reduce many of the mentioned symptoms at the same time, it is ideal to treat chronic stress load.

The relaxing and calming effect of CBD improves our mood during the day as well as the quality of sleep. The excessive release of stress hormones will be reduced, this helps us to confront stressful situations much more relaxed. Physical symptoms like headache, heart problems, etc. can also be reduced after taking CBD Oil.

By taking CBD, the release of the hormone serotonin is also increased. A balanced serotonin level ensures inner balance, satisfaction and a good mood.

Finally, there are a few advices on what we can do for ourselves in order to keep our inner balance. Taking CBD has positive effects, but should not be misused to maintain a high level of stress. We should find out, what causes this feeling of stress. In addition to CBD, we should choose a combination of stress-releasing lifestyle habits and treatment with cannabidiols.

  1. Breathing exercises

You focus on breathing, so if you breathe deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. After a few breathing exercises you will feel more balanced and get back to a healthy emotional state.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is a good tool for inner peace and serenity.You will need to be patient and little bit of practice to calm yourself down.

  1. Physical exercise

Your body will thank you for purchasing enough exercise and the necessary rest.

  1. Sleep

Stress can cause severe sleep problems. In addition to taking CBD Oil before going to sleep, a personal sleep hygiene should be developed to prepare yourself to take away all worries and go to bed with peace of mind.

  1. Media fasting

Media fasting means you take a break from your smartphone, laptop, etc. Also you should set a media-free time when you do not use social media and emails.

  1. Eliminate stress factors

Ask yourself: What is stressing me? Is my stress related to certain persons, situations or places? How can I avoid this stress? If someone is aware of what causes the feeling of stress, you can possibly avoid situations like this or you can confront this situation with more relax.